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Open Water Course

The open water course is not difficult it takes time, patience and practice.

Any one who is reasonably fit, comfortable in the water, 15 years of age or above can undertake the course. (There is junior open water course for those between 10 and 14 years of age).

All the PADI courses are flexible and designed to progress as fast or as slow as you feel comfortable.

The thought of breathing under water can be daunting for some at first and special attention is always made to adapt to the participant's wants and needs.

Having a disability this doesn't prevent you from learning to dive. Most of the skills that are taught are not physically demanding, however please contact us on 07852133037 to discuss your requirements.

Do I need to be fit?

The physical requirements are that you must be able to swim 200 meters or tread water for 10 minutes.

Generally scuba diving is less demanding than many other sports. Scuba divers don't want to move quickly or be out of breath, as this will lead to sorter dives as their air will be used up more quickly.

The best scuba divers are the ones who move slowly, breathe deeply and above all relax.

Can I fail?

No you can not fail!

The course is split up into modules, you have to show mastery in the first module before you can progress to the next. Your instructor will go as fast or as slow as you feel comfortable.

What is an open water certification and how is it made up?

The course is split in to three sections:-

  • Confined
  • Knowledge development
  • Open Water

Confined sessions

Confined water is the term used for the type of water conditions that are ideal  and the standard for dive tuition.

This element of the course is divided into five modules which can be taught all at once or independently.

In each module there are a number of simple skills to master with your instructor before moving on.


Knowledge development

The Knowledge development is split into five modules.

The course starts with independent study either with the PADI open water book, Video, or multimedia CD. The course is designed to be a “multi sensual approach to learning” and to suit the way that you learn, and to minimise class room time.


 Once in the classroom you will then spend as much time as your instructor feels is necessary so that you will be able to pass 4 quizzes and a final exam. Any questions that are incorrect will be explained to you until you understand the answer. There are no set time limits for the Knowledge development and you can not fail.


The Diving Sections

The Open Water section is when you actually go diving in the sea or a lake.

The most popular approach is to combine the completion of you course with a holiday, where you can see the marine life spericific to that enviroment.

This can either be with us or a dive store located any where near the sea you wish to vist.

Most dive stores do two dives in the morning, which leaves your afternoons free. This also means you can be qualified on the second day of your holiday.

Tell Dive in the blue when and where you are going and we will organise this for you for free.


 Want can I do once I have pasted?

You will be able to:-

  • Rent equipment
  • Get cylinders refilled
  • Dive independently of a dive professional (with a buddy)

Dive anywhere in the world.