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Diveintheblue Open Water Referral- Information

How does it work?

The Diveintheblue approach means that once you have completed the discover scuba dive the rest of the open water referral course can be completed in four lessons.

This means that it can take as little as one weekend- or spread out over many months.

How can Diveintheblue do this so quickly?

Diveintheblue limit the size of the courses to a ration of five students to one instructor. We also have a large group of Dive Masters that like to join in on the lessons and give their experience which means the ratio  is very often two students to one Diveintheblue team member.
Diveintheblue sessions are on average 2.5 hours long, where other dive stores are only 1 hour.
Our instructors have been teaching all over the world and are very experienced. We match your instructor to the destination you will be going to, so that they can give you first hand knowledge of the place you will be diving in.
We have a  very good relationships with the pools we use which means we are able to provide more than one pool session a week.

We love what we do!

We really do love Scuba Diving and get very passionate about teaching others to do it. We have never had a student fail, and that is because if you do not pass a lesson of the course, we teach you that lesson one to one with an instructor for free until you pass. It is that simple!

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What does it Cost?

The cost is below.

Lesson Price
DSD £30.00
classroom 1 £45.00
pool 2 £45.00
Classroom 2 £45.00
Pool 3 £45.00
Total £265.00
If already completed DSD/ First lesson £235.00

You can either PAY AS YOU GO, or pay up front- whatever suites you best.

When where do the course take place?

Discover Scuba Dive- Every Saturday 2.45pm – 6.30pm

The first pool lesson is actually the PADI Discover Scuba Dive, or Scuba gift Experience. This lesson happens every other Saturday afternoon.

The aim of the session is to learn the correct way to breathe under water, gain confidence and experience Scuba Diving.

The lesson will normally take place at:

Victoria Park Leisure Centre
Manners Road
Ilkeston, Derbyshire DE7 8AT

A map to this location is available at:-

See map

At the end of the session you will be given the official PADI Open Water DVD to take home and watch in your leisure time, The DVD Covers most of the theory involved in Scuba Diving.

At this stage a £20 deposit is payable to secure your place on the course and to cover the cost of the DVD.
Classroom Lesson One- Every Other Saturday 10.30pm- 1.30pm

Before the classroom lesson we highly recommend that you watch the DVD at least once. It is 4 hours long so perhaps put it on the back ground whilst having you evening meal.

The classroom session teaches you the challenges that you will come across in an underwater environment and the techniques you can apply to overcome them.

During the lesson you will be given the official PADI Open Water Pack, which contains:-

  • Your Open Water Text Book
  • An electronic device to help you record your nitrogen level (you will be taught how to use it on the final lesson)
  • You Diving log book
  • Your student record folder

The lesson will normally take place at:

Victoria Park Leisure Centre
Manners Road
Ilkeston, Derbyshire DE7 8AT

A link to a map of this location is available at: 

See map

Pool Session 2- Every Other Saturday 7.00pm

Once the classroom part is complete we have time to have a break for some lunch and then into the exciting practical skills.

This lesson teaches you all the skills to enable you to keep yourself safe.

Classroom lesson 2- Every other Sunday- 10.30- 1.30pm

This is the final classroom lesson. In this lesson you will be taught about issues you need to be aware of when breathing compressed air whilst underwater.  You will also be taught how to keep yourself safe by using the electronic Recreational Dive Planner which was given to you during classroom lesson one.

The lesson will take place at the same location.

Pool lesson 3- Every other Sunday- 3.45pm- 7.00pm- DIFFERENT POOL

This is your last pool lesson. In this lesson we review the skills you learnt in pool sessions 1 and 2. Once you have mastered these skills we then turn you into a real diver by helping you master neutral buoyancy

The lesson takes place at a different pool which is much deeper.

Rushcliffe Leisure Centre
Boundary Road

A link to a map of this location is available at:

See map

Dives abroad

Once you have completed the Open Water Referral course we will give you:-

  • Open Water Referral Form- this is the official PADI open water referral form which you should give to the dive store that provides your open water dives
  • Important points for the diver and instructor- this is the official PADI guidance regarding the Open Water Referral course.
  • Dive Centre Letter – this is the letter you should give to the dive store that provides your open water dives. It introduces you to the dive store and makes life easier for the instructor who will complete your course.


To become a full PADI Open Water diver you will need to undertake four open water dives with a PADI dive store or instructor.

DiveintheBlue are happy to organise your open water dives for you.  Alternatively you can take the official paperwork provided to any PADI dive store in the world.

If you would like to download this page please click here

For more details on what you do in each lesson/ module please click on the link below.

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