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Discover Scuba Diver- more information

Diveintheblue have been teaching people this session from all over the UK for 4 years.

In that time we have taught coming up to 1500 people and we are very proud of the fact that to date we have not had one person who felt they could not do it.

Diveintheblue is made up of instructors and Dive Masters that have been teaching for many years ( in most cases 10 years)  in different parts of the world and we love it, and we want to show people why it is awesome.

When does the session happen?

The lesson normally takes place every Saturday at 3.45pm, and finishes at 6.30pm.

What you need to bring?

  • Swimming gear.
  • An old t-shirt can be useful, but not essential
  • A Sense of adventure

What Actually Happens?

  1. Fill in a medical form which asks you to confirm that you do not have any serious illnesses.
  2. Watch a video which goes through some of the basic science involved in Scuba
  3. Then get changed in to our swimming gear.
  4. We will teach you how to set up the equipment, then you actually put your equipment together, easy when you know how
  5. Climb intot he swallow end of the pool- about 0.8 meters
  6. Under take a couple of skills to keep you safe.
  7. Then swim underwater into the abyss to have a play
  8. During the whole session we will take photos (unless you don't want us too) and we email them back to you for free!
  9. Time to be taught more skills or just practice the ones you have been taught
  10. Take the equipment apart
  11. Get changed back into your civilian clothes
  12. Meet up with your instructor to be given your Offical Certificate and an opporunity to ask any questions you may have.

What are these "Skills"?

  1. Equipment, workings and assembly
  2. How to check the quality of air.
  3. The best way to breathe under water.
  4. How move through the water with ease.
  5. How to control your buoyancy, and the different skills to practice this.
  6. Hand signals.
  7. How to keep you and your “buddy” safe.
  8. How to read and communicate your air level.
  9. Good equipment practice and how to disassemble it.

During the course if you want to learn more, just ask!

Our instructors are briefed to teach you as much as you want to learn. The only limitation is the air in the cylinder and the time restraits of the session.

 What you need to bring is

  1. Swimming gear.
  2. An old t-shirt can be usefuil, but not esstential
  3. Sense of adventure, and a willness to try some thing new


The normal cost for this session is £30, but bring a friend and both of you can take part for £50.

Where does the session take place?

The Discover Scuba Dive session normaly takes place on Saturday afternoons at Victoria Park Leisure Centre.

If you wish to see a more information on the location please click here

Be Warned!!

Scuba is highly addictive!

If you wish to contact us to discuss any questions you may have please use our ring back service or email or telephone 07852 133 037.